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Eagle Claws for Freedom’s Cause is a sometimes humorous sometimes serious look at America. Her past her present & her future.

DeAnna Lorraine who ran for Congress in San Francisco in 2020 is the person who most of the poems in this book are about. A successful author in her own right she has written two books (Making Love Great Again & more recently Taking Back America). She has been a champion for conservative thought. Particularly raising awareness against the evils of modern day Feminism.

Although her run did not end with victory at the ballot box. In the process her’s became a leading voice in the upswell of conservatism which began to reassert itself again in America in the year 2016. With its influence continuing to grow long into the future.

DeAnna has had the honor of being retweeted on six separate occasions by the President of the United States (Trump). These days you can find her on various social media. At least the ones that still allow uncensored speech. Her unorthodox (energetic) campaign & engaging personality became the inspiration for most of the poems in this book.

She is currently on hiatus from hosting her own news show on Infowars. Keeping herself active organizing & attending rallies across the United States. As of this writing I have not yet had the distinct pleasure of meeting her personally but Lord willing I very much look forward to doing so in the near future.

The rest of the book contains poems drawing parallels in America from 1776 to the present. With the events beginning in 2016 the unexpected (by many) NOT ME election of President Donald Trump. This cataclysmic event signifying the restoration of America’s rightful place as the world’s leading beacon of hope for the freedom of man on this planet called earth.